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To make it easier for you, we’ve provided a range of calculators to help with the sums. But don’t worry if you’re not sure – your iConnect Financial broker is here to help.

  • Borrowing power

    Purchasing a property is an exciting time for both seasoned investors and first home buyers. A key consideration is knowing your borrowing capacity. The iConnect Financial borrowing power calculator gives you an estimate of the maximum amount a bank will lend for a home loan, based on income and expenses. This saves precious time refining the property search and ensures you are empowered to make the right decision.


    Here’s how this calculator works:

    • Select the application type – is it a single or joint application, and your number of dependents.
    • Enter the gross annual income for all applicants.
    • Next, we’ll need to understand your regular living expenses.
    • Complete your monthly living expenses, which include ongoing rent, groceries, transport, insurance, energy and phone bills.
    • Tell us about any monthly loan repayments you may have. If you intend to re-finance your loan, don’t include it in this total.
    • Enter the total credit limit you have on all your credit cards.
    • Next you’ll see the amount you may be able to borrow.
    • Click find out more – We ask a few simple questions about you and you get your estimated borrowing power and repayment options.
    • Hey presto! Your loan summery shows the proposed loan amount, interest payments and ongoing payments and the comparison rate and will appear before your eyes.

    Other notes:

    • You can also explore the icons in the top left-hand side of the graphic display for further information.
    • The amount calculated is an estimate only.
    • One of our iConnect Financial mortgage brokers can give you a more accurate result based on all the facts. We’re here to guide you through everything from home loan comparisons and pre-approval, to the latest deals on home loan rates, or even how to refinance an existing home loan.
  • Budget planner

    Doing up a budget and having a thorough understanding of your financial situation is vital when you’re shopping for a home loan. Taking into account income and expenses, the iConnect Financial budget planner calculator demonstrates how much surplus income you have at the end of the day to invest, save or spend. Alternatively, it may reveal you are spending more than you are earning. The information allows you to be in control of your finances, plan for the future and reach your financial goals. It can also come in handy if you are considering refinancing your home loan and need to weigh up whether to make extra repayments.


    To use this home loan calculator:

    • Work through the ‘Income section’, filling in your salary, investment income, government benefits and other income sources.
    • Ensure the frequency of each income is correct. Use the arrows on the right-hand side to navigate down the page.
    • Click ‘Now enter your expenses’.
    • Fill in the details under each of the tabs in the ‘Expenses section’ for costs associated with transport, household, living expenses, insurance and superannuation, and loans and credit cards.
    • Specify the frequency of each expense.
    • Next, press ‘Let’s see the results’.
    • The results page will give you an indication of how much extra per week, month or year you can save or invest.
    • The two graphs provide a visual representation of your income and expenses.
    • Once you have established your budget, one of our iConnect Financial mortgage brokers can help you with everything from home loan comparisons to understanding home loan rates, and how to make your dreams a reality.
  • Buying and selling costs

    When it comes to buying or selling property, there are many different costs to consider. The iConnect Financial buying and selling costs calculator provides an indication of what’s involved financially in entering or leaving the market, with the option of comparing the associated costs. The calculator also estimates eligibility for government grants and concessions based on whether you are a first home buyer and the type of property.


    To use this calculator:

    • Select ‘Sell’, ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell & Buy’ from the house icons.
    • If you are selling, enter the state, sales price and outstanding loan amount. Hit ‘Next’.
    • Enter the initial sales price band for calculating the real estate commission, then the subsequent rate and whether GST is included or excluded. Include other real estate agency costs such as advertising or auction fees. Press ‘Next’.
    • Fill in conveyancing fees, settling costs, removalist’s costs and other costs, then hit ‘My Costs’.
    • The calculator will outline your total selling costs and overall net position.
    • Alternatively, select the ‘Buy’ icon and enter the state, property purpose, purchase price and whether you are a first home buyer. Notice the government fees and charges for that state are listed. Hit ‘Next’.
    • In the ‘Loan Details’ section, enter the purchase price, amount saved, product type, loan application fee and valuation fees. Press ‘Next’.
    • Include other buying costs, then select ‘My Costs’.
    • The results table outlines the buying costs and the proposed home loan amount at the bottom.
    • To compare your selling and buying costs, hit ‘Back to Start’ then ‘Sell & Buy’.
    • Follow the steps above for an in-depth comparison.

    For more information on home loans, home loan rates, or refinancing your home loan, get in touch with one of our iConnect Financial mortgage brokers.

  • Repayment calculator

    The iConnect Financial repayment calculator helps you figure out what your minimum home loan repayments would be for the amount borrowed. By knowing in advance what you would be up for, you can stay in control of your finances and plan accordingly. The calculator also reveals how you can reduce your loan term and total interest payable by making extra repayments, using an offset account, or paying a lump sum amount.


    To use this home loan calculator:

    • Enter your loan amount, the loan term and whether you plan to make monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayments.
    • Enter the product (the default is standard variable), interest rate, and whether you will pay principal and interest or interest only.
    • Breakdowns of your regular repayment and total interest payable will be displayed.
    • Use the scroller underneath the house graphic to track your financial position at future points in the loan.
    • The repayment graph and loan amortisation table, accessed via the icons in the top left-hand corner of the graphic section, provide further information.
    • What makes this home loan calculator extra handy is that you can see how much time and interest you can shave off your home loan by making extra repayments. To find out, click ‘Extra repayments’.
    • Fill in the extra payment amount and frequency, the offset account amount, plus any intended lump sum injections you plan to make and the timing.
    • Watch the delightful piggy bank light up with the interest you’ll save. The time you’ll shave off the home loan will appear next to the clock graphic.

    While this is a fantastic calculator for simplifying home loan decisions, the figures are approximate only. That’s because the way calculations are made differs from lender to lender. For more information about home loan comparison and repayment options, contact one of our mortgage brokers.